Signs of Times Past

These were made in Chicago or Emeryville or Columbus or Oakland. Generally filling up the time I had before I went to work. Generally small and simple and underpowered by ideas. Largely made for no exact reason, surely with some hope that something might surprise (myself). Generally an expression in no particular direction.  – t

BrianI was making signs like this, and I still like them, because I know I was very disappointed, but I am not sure if it was Brian Wilson, or some other more tangible Brian. I know I meant it.

All the Good ThingsI was doing these ice cream pictures a bit, I remember specifically on a visit to Calif. eating a lot of ice cream on this project. Good idea.

From the Curious George thing.There were a lot of variations on this curious george thing, but it started reminding me of someone else’s stuff (that Brian?) and I quit it.

To remember I did thatA 2×3 inch reminder.

The Commandment
I did a few of these on tie dye shirts from the thrift store – the California dead head commandment to enjoy, a flag of sorts

smoothe blotchI was trying to make really shit looking textures that I knew would hold lint and dust. And then smooth circles, as the subject.

Time of the Signs
Another time sign.  These are labor, by the hour – It must have included time for spacing out, or I didn’t report my hours accurately.

Signs of the time One of the GuyThe Guy – This meaning won’t fix for me, so i still like it.

MomAnother 1990s time waster before going to work. That was my mom’s hair in 1974

Least work possibleI was trying to find the smallest scraps to make things on, with sharpie and such. Fastest, cheapest, worst.

Injured hand photosI was doing a lot of these pictures in my last year at SAIC. I should have scars from it.

Idle Culture WorkerI am not even sure I made this. I definitely might have.

Hooray celebration thing Hooray celebration thingThe hooray thing; something to do.

Hang upGood thrift store style item. I remember a His and Hers two car garage door in Indiana that always impressed me.

Francy's ButtFrancy and the fisherman, printed on the iris printer and artsy rag paper at the digital pond.

Calvin KleinThe Calvin Klein thing was pretty extensive and these are about the only 2 things I can look at from it and not feel sick. I would like to forget it all completely. My parents, me.

An Artist's NameA woman had said I had an artist’s name, which really grossed me out.



Winwin Loselose

Obviously trying to make this as gross as possible

deleuze-guattariA fan painting, and I think I made up their middle names but maybe not.

EnjoymentAlways with the enjoy/enjoyment thing. Maybe it was Zizek, but I never got closer to it by writing it.

I threw out a full trashcan of cassettes. It was over.

Direct solicitation

This is not old, not old at all

I went to Idaho and took a lot of stupid pictures.

Mostly this is the thrift store crap that I either avoid buying by taking a picture, or I was fool enough to buy it. Of course a lot of crappy LPs. And a few other things. And the car I went to buy. And I did. And I drove 1800 miles in under 4 days. And video (the dog) was so very patient with it all. What a babe!60s Sewn Fan Shirt Alleykats Auctioneer Big-eyed thrift store paintings Billboard on 5 Blue Eyed Fool Camaro Portland Dog Attack Drink Drink Drink '80s Drug Addicts and Gang Members Factory 1 Factory 2 Fantasic Cover - Usual Country Crap Ferko String Band God fearers Happy Family He Likes Grass High Fashions Honda Portland See-See I feel ya I just dont get it I Wish It Was Japanese Christians in Sync Jimmy Castor Rules Joker Kenny G - woah Possessed Kitty Bag Reason To Like Golf Right Up Dan's Alley Secrets of Life - Drive A Limo Stuffed Hose to Resemble Potatoes in a Chicken Basket The Browns Seem To Like Whites in "Our Country" The Fucking Moms and Pops The Height of Something The LIght The Road LIght This is my Child This is My Valiant Those Eyes Train Twice as Horrifying Video 1 Wait, you are super cutewet


I found old music files from the 1990s. The back cover of the CD from Serious Records, the super goofy pictures I took for it, and my very last cassette tape song list, which was #16. I wish I could find that, along with the other #15 cassettes.


i just returned from ethiopia. my suitcase was lost. i got through it just fine. i couldn’t shoot but half a left-over roll of film. these are some pictures i took