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Pictures from Tanzania, mostly “saloon” and other businesses

Kanji Lalji Estate, Mbeya welu-1 project. model farm. farmer Zacahria Simpamba, Hakima Farmer Group F99A2709 blue canoe resort, lake malawi F99A2703 F99A2518 F99A2520 F99A2360 F99A2361 F99A2338 F99A2347 F99A2337 F99A2291 Opening a beer with your teeth, an international macho thing to F99A2282 F99A2173 F99A2279

Ganadores! Winners!

The birth of the critic in me … it all started blacking out teeth on supermodels in Redbook or Cosmo or Teen or whatever else my older sister left laying around. It wasn’t just me. All of us eviscerated those magazines, not with words but making hag faces, whiskers, wrinkles and black eyes on the smooth, perfect and unhuman image of ’70s disco beauty. Fuck all that. And who doesn’t love an easy target. Who doesn’t want to take a crap on the elite, and where are the elite more crap-worthy than latin america. Yes, I might run this risk of crossing some boundary on crossing a border, but the brand is more originates in the crass anglo-images of the fair-skinned conquerors, of euro-races, in the notion of purity and that something better is imported from somewhere that miscegenation (supposedly) doesn’t exist. I promise, nest time I’ll challenge myself more. WINNERS16WINNERS05 WINNERS04 WINNERS03 WINNERS02 WINNERS01 WINNERS15 WINNERS14 WINNERS13 WINNERS12 WINNERS11 WINNERS10 WINNERS09 WINNERS08 WINNERS07 WINNERS06