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Billboards Blank Space

I take pictures of blank or available billboards. Maybe it is boredom. Maybe it is that they occupy an already empty space between here and there. I know that, as ones eye is drawn to advertising when there is little else to look at, I find it a relief when the canvas is empty, when there is nothing there to draw your interest, no matter how slight. There’s some assurance there, that there will always be blankness. These are culled from the last 2 months, so I imagine going back a few years there are many hundreds along the same lines.

Billboards-1 Billboards-4 Billboards-3 Billboard on 5 Billboards-5 Billboards-6 Billboards-7 Billboards-8 Billboards-9 Billboards-10 Billboards-11 Billboards-12

Natural Fences Make Indistinguishable Neighbors

Trees used as fence posts for pastures, barb wire and electrified wires.  absorbed by their hosts, later cut when the land was converted to other uses.  not a moral narrative about the resilience of nature, yet the ability to incorporate, and in such a way that the invader can’t be removed from the host, seems extraordinary, as would be a cyborg, or foreign materials ingested and absorbed by the organs. I think of the lumps of pencil lead in other kids hands, dark spots, absorbed, painless and grotesque. I remember the mental health museum in st. joe missouri and all the sharp metal objects extracted from the guts of obsessed swallowers. why not leave them be, to allow the host to wrap it around their living material. the willingness of organic material to adapt to modification.

untitled-20 untitled-26 Roja-Laurent Farm - Proc. at Helsar Roja-Laurent Farm - Proc. at Helsar Roja-Laurent Farm - Proc. at Helsar Roja-Laurent Farm - Proc. at Helsar Roja-Laurent Farm - Proc. at Helsar