Billboards Blank Space

I take pictures of blank or available billboards. Maybe it is boredom. Maybe it is that they occupy an already empty space between here and there. I know that, as ones eye is drawn to advertising when there is little else to look at, I find it a relief when the canvas is empty, when there is nothing there to draw your interest, no matter how slight. There’s some assurance there, that there will always be blankness. These are culled from the last 2 months, so I imagine going back a few years there are many hundreds along the same lines.

Billboards-1 Billboards-4 Billboards-3 Billboard on 5 Billboards-5 Billboards-6 Billboards-7 Billboards-8 Billboards-9 Billboards-10 Billboards-11 Billboards-12